About seafood wholesale business

Preservation and maintaining freshness of seafood are difficult and the supply quantity, the constitution of the size, available species are influenced by natural condition. Under such circumstances procuring big volume of seafood from all over Japan and quickly distributing those at proper prices are necessary in order to materialize stable supply to consumers. To achieve this is an important role of wholesale market and wholesalers. Permission of Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries is required for wholesalers since they have social responsibility to determine adequate quantity of seafood distribution and its fair price.

The job of wholesale companieis to achieve stable and efficient distribution of seafood through various roles such as trusting or purchasing, procuring, allocating, auction to set fair price based on demand and supply balance, bid tender and back to back sales of seafood.

From horse mackerel to Tuna, various seafood and preserved food items.
6 sales and marketing divisions have ample knowledge and experience about seafood and wholesale markets.

At present, we are handling more than approx. 500 species and 2,000 items of seafood. Species of fish varies from high class fish represented by Tuna, Sea Urchin or Puffer fish to Horse mackerel or Pacific saury, which are served at home on a daily basis, and preserved and processed seafood such as frozen seafood, fish paste or fish sausage etc. Seafood is very diverse. Suppliers and buyers are different and handling items and quantity change daily due to landing condition, demand situation or even variation of taste of consumers.

In order to cope with such changes quickly and flexibly and achieve stable distribution of seafood, we established 6 sales and marketing divisions which possess ample knowledge about seafood itself and wholesale markets and superior specialty of seafood business.